Kamli with Kaala Chashma

Kamli with KaalaChashma is a lyrical joyful series of painting that reflects stories of women from different parts of Indian villages, who aspires for better lifestyle,excitement and who believe in their dreams.Dream to travel world and they love the excitement of it all — feel like an explorer — discovering a new land.Kamli feel more spontaneous and don’t live for the future or the past… just in the moment and let down her guard much more than when back at home caught up in the mundane day to day routine of life that we think is normal. She want to see how world lives and sun and smiles in different countries. She want to learn about the differences and embrace the similarities in world. She experience a great feeling of independence through her travel.

As an artist purpose of my painting is to give a visual voice to dreams of women. Exploring dreams, ideas and concepts and describing them with colours which cannot be expressed through words. I like to put smile on people’s face and want my art customers to experience joy and be inspired to fulfil their dreams.

“Kamli with KaalaChashma“is a happy and joyful series of painting which express feeling of fulfillment. I understood power and potential of colours and it has become integral part of this series. Use of bright colours reflects positive energy, youthfulness, zeal of life and innocence. Each painting has its own architectural stories and dramas in detail. I used saturated colours to capture the intensity, to provoke the senses and to delight the intellect.


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