“Transcend” is a series of painting which tries to describe melancholic emotion of a girl and yet the very melancholy that afflicted her was also the impetus of her hard work to achieve her dreams that sparked herlife and helped her to live her life on her own terms and reach to a state of inner peace.

This series of painting also talks about life which is filled with happiness, sadness, tears, smiles, laughter and other emotions: but when life gets you down, be strong and have faith.My work is juxtaposition of dark side in life and bright side in life. Pain and joy. There is nothing ever as beautiful without disturbance. They always work hand in hand.

As an artist I have put lot of emphasis on women’s emotions, her inner turmoiland feeling of despair, controlled emotions, forbidden desire and self-introspection. Most of my paintings in this series is female centric who are considered passive but they have shattered the status quo, broken norms and destroyed the myth and crafted their path to achieve their dreams.

“Transcend” is having quite diverse paintings – from the brightly colored to dark painted canvas which evokes sadness and despair. It tells a story of stoic life led by her, always holding her feelings close and dark shadow behind her smile. She experienced a lethargy that drained her of energy.There is manifestation of pain and darkness because it was deeply felt. But she reaped the spiritual benefits of darker emotions and learned to be ennobled and empowered rather than consumed by them.

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